Denver Lab Testing

Denver Lab Testing

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Denver Lab Testing
Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic Testing in Denver

When you’re sick, you want to know what’s wrong now. While “now” isn’t always possible, you can count on the friendly, professional team at StatLab Diagnostics to offer many same-day and next-day in-house lab tests 7 days a week, including lab tests on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are just a few of the tests you can get in Denver.

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) / Bladder Infections
  • Respiratory Pathogen Panel
  • Antibiotic Resistance Markers
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
  • Covid Testing
  • And More

STD Testing

Take control of your sexual health by ordering STD testing online with no upfront provider visit. All lab testing results are 100% confidential and generally requires a quick 5-minute sample collection. Get your results in 1-2 days.

Then, you can schedule a telehealth or in-person consultation to discuss results and treatment. 



Telehealth When You Need It

Whether you have questions about recent diagnostic  testing results or are experiencing symptoms, connect with a provider. Schedule telehealth online. Telehealth providers can order tests, prescribe medication, answer questions, and support you on your health journey.



COVID-19 Testing in Denver

At StatLab Diagnostics, we are proud to have been at the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping the community. And we continue to offer COVID testing when you need it. We perform high-precision COVID-19 testing using the RT- PCR molecular method.

We know you need accurate, rapid results, and we strive to deliver just that. Each dedicated member of our team is carefully screened, trained, and placed in their position to help patients get the accurate results they need in the most timely way.

Why Choose StatLab Diagnostics For Your Lab Testing

Denver Lab Testing

Our team of friendly lab professionals deeply desires to help you feel and live your healthiest. Whether you are currently experiencing symptoms or want to know where you stand on various preventive health-related markers, lab testing can support your health journey.

We’re committed to the health of the people, families, and communities of Denver. And we

believe that a combination of diligence and compassionate care will not only help heal our community and make the world a better place. We’re conveniently located in AFC Urgent Care Centers around Denver.

Lab Testing and Diagnostic Testing FAQ

The state of Colorado is one of 39 states that doesn’t require a doctors order for some lab testing. For example, you can order STD testing online through our convenient menu. However, a healthcare provider may also order specific tests based on your symptoms, medical history, or preventive health needs.

Diagnostic testing involves performing specific medical tests to identify or confirm the presence of a disease, condition, or health issue in a patient. It helps in determining the cause, severity, and appropriate treatment. Lab tests can be a part of diagnostic testing.

Lab tests are used to assess a patient’s health, diagnose diseases, monitor treatment progress, screen for health conditions, and provide valuable information for healthcare decisions.

Basic lab tests often include a complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (BMP), or comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). These tests provide essential information about your overall health and organ function. They’re a good place to start when you want to better understand your health.

The cost of a blood test varies depending on the type,  location, reason for the test, and any third-party coverage, such as insurance, Medicare, or First Health Colorado. You can always ask for the cost of a blood test before agreeing to it. For many tests, you can find the prices are available online.

Blood tests can detect possible heart problems by measuring markers such as cardiac enzymes (troponin, creatine kinase), triglycerides, electrolytes, and lipid levels (cholesterol). These and other markers can indicate heart damage or risk factors for heart disease, so they are included on a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). Blood tests should not be used to self-diagnose but may be useful for those who want to keep informed about potential health risks. If you have been diagnosed with heart problems or are having heart related symptoms, you should speak with a medical provider. Telehealth appointments available.

Some types of cancers will come up on a blood test that identifies specific tumor markers or abnormal cells in the blood. An example includes the PSA test for prostate cancer. However, not all cancers can be detected through blood tests. And one blood test alone may not reveal the whole picture. This could lead to misunderstandings about what the results show. So you should always speak with a provider first if you have cancer concerns.