Provider Consult

Speak with a Provider Via Telehealth or In-Person

Have you received positive lab results? Or maybe you want to talk about treatment options. If you have questions about the results of lab tests you ordered online, you can schedule a consultation with a licensed medical provider.

We offer telehealth or in-person consultations with our experienced providers at AFC Urgent Care.

How does a provider consult work?

Why should I schedule a provider consult after receiving lab test results?

Once you get your results, you can pay extra to consult a medical provider. You can do this through telehealth or in person. This provider can explain your results. They can also write prescriptions, recommend further testing, establish a treatment plan for you, and refer you if needed. Any prescriptions written for you will be called into your local pharmacy of choice. Regardless, you’re in control of the next steps you choose to take based on your provider’s recommendations.  

Speaking with a provider is an opportunity to ensure you understand your lab results and can begin treatment quickly if needed. And since you can choose a telehealth consult, appointments can work more easily into your schedule.

How do I know which test I need?

“Which lab tests” is a decision you can make alone or with the help of a healthcare provider. If you’re unsure, you can schedule a provider consultation. They can then order the proper tests based on your symptoms, concerns, and health goals. For example, suppose you are curious about your overall health and organ function. In that case, you can order online or ask your provider about basic lab tests. These might include complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (BMP), or comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). If you are experiencing symptoms of STDs, you can order STD testing online. If you have a urinary tract infection, you can order that test. When in doubt, you can schedule a consultation first. 

Can a telehealth provider write a prescription?

What are the benefits of using telehealth?

Telehealth providers can prescribe medication based on your diagnosis and professional judgment. There are some exclusions. But generally, a telehealth provider can write medications like antibiotics, anti-parasitics, anti-virals, and specialty medications. If the medication you need requires an in-person consultation, you can schedule one at your closest AFC Urgent Care. They’re conveniently located around Denver.

Telehealth makes it easier for you to get healthcare. It is convenient, saves travel time, and costs less. This may allow you to stay connected with your provider more often to stay informed about changes in your health or health risks. Even if you need an in-person provider consult for diagnosis, follow-up care can often be managed through telehealth.

How do I know if I need a telehealth or in-person provider consult?

How do I schedule telehealth in Denver?

Telehealth can diagnose and treat many conditions. These include things like colds, injuries, STDs, and chronic diseases. You can also get follow-up care. Telehealth providers cannot do physical exams, certain tests, or hands-on medical procedures. 

StatLab Diagnostics partners with the licensed providers at AFC Urgent Care. So, when patients would like a provider consult after receiving lab results, AFC Urgent Care in Denver has many locations. Patients can schedule in-person consultations with providers.