About StatLab Diagnostics

About StatLab Diagnostics

Denver Lab Testing

Clinical Lab Testing in Denver

StatLab Diagnostics is a Denver area clinical lab that offers a wide variety of diagnostic lab tests. Many, patients can order online  and get results within 1-2 days. We are independently owned and delighted to partner with AFC Urgent Care in Denver. We believe this partnership ensures patients like you have access to both telehealth and in-person provider consultations when you have questions about the clinical lab testing provided by our team. Our diagnostic lab is conveniently located in Denver-area AFC Urgent Care Centers.

Our team of dedicated lab professionals is deeply committed to helping the people of Denver live at their healthiest. We want everyone to feel empowered to take charge of their health and wellness outcomes. And we’re glad that the accurate, fast, private, and affordable preventive and diagnostic lab testing services we provide every day can be a part of the unique and very personal health journeys of so many Denverites.

We demonstrate our commitment to Denver’s people, families, and communities by delivering reliable and compassionate care. And we look forward to showing you why so many in the area trust StatLab Diagnostics for both preventive and diagnostic lab testing.