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STD Testing Denver

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Comprehensive STD Testing in Denver, CO

If you have an STD, you want to know now. Your sexual health is important to you. So, we’re committed to providing fast and affordable professional STD testing services, including testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis, HIV, and more, in a way that is easy to access and understand.

At StatLab Diagnostics, we offer comprehensive STD testing in Denver, Colorado, that is both accessible and accurate. We have collection centers throughout the Denver area that are open 7-days a week.

We Make It Easy!


Order your test online

Choose from a panel or order tests individually.


Visit a collection center to drop off your sample

We have locations conveniently located throughout the Denver area so finding a collection center is easy. Walk-in during business hours and you are out within minutes.


Get your results in 1-3 days

Test results are available in 1-3 days. Get your fast, private STD testing today.

STEP 4 (Optional)

Book a telemedicine visit

Book a telemedicine visit to discuss your results and get treatment with one of our partnered providers.

STD Testing Online

Take control of your sexual health.

Upfront STD Testing Costs in Denver

10 Test Panel Pricing: $ 139.00

Get tested for 10 common STDs

10 Test Panel with HIV RNA Early Detection - $ 259.00

Standard HIV Test Vs. HIV Early Detection

Standard HIV tests look for the antibodies your immune system produces to fight HIV. A standard test to detect antibodies can take 23 to 90 days. If you think you’ve been exposed recently, you may need multiple tests over 90 days to be sure.

HIV Early Detection is the fastest way to find out. It can detect the actual virus. If you believe you’ve been exposed recently, HIV Early Detection testing is the quickest way to know.

Individual Test Pricing

If you’re experiencing certain symptoms, need retesting, or have recently been exposed to a specific STD, individual testing is the cost-effective way to ensure your sexual health.

The Convenient Way to Manage Sexual Health

What are STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, commonly known as STDs, are infections that spread through sexual contact. These infections can affect anyone and may lead to various health complications if left untreated. We provide testing for a range of STDs, ensuring you have access to essential STD testing in Denver, CO.

What's the Difference Between an STD Vs. STI

These words are often used interchangeably. But the word “Disease” implies a person is experiencing sexually transmitted disease symptoms. A person can have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and no symptoms. Even if you are asymptomatic, you can still pass an STI to someone else.

What Are The Most Common STDs

Some of the most common STDs we test for include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and more. Early detection of these infections is crucial for prompt treatment and minimizing their impact on your health.

STD testing Denver

What Are Common STD Symptoms

  • Genital sores or ulcers(Including STD symptoms in the anus): Painful sores or open ulcers in the genital, anal, or mouth area.
  • Pain or discomfort: Painful urination, abdominal pain, or pelvic pain.
  • Unusual discharge: Abnormal genital or rectal discharge, which may be yellow, green, or bloody.
  • Itching or burning: Persistent itching or burning sensation in the genital or anal area.
  • Rash: Skin rashes, particularly in the genital, anal, or mouth regions.
  • Swelling or redness: Swelling, redness, or inflammation in the genital area.
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms: Fever, fatigue, sore throat, and muscle aches may accompany some STDs.
  • Pain during intercourse: Discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes: Swollen lymph nodes in the groin, neck, or underarms.
The STD symptoms of gonorrhea are different from those of male chlamydia. STD symptoms in women can be different from men. However, there are a lot of overlaps in STD and STI signs and symptoms. This is why STI testing is essential to confirm the condition so that you can get the right treatment.

STD Symptoms in Women

Women may experience unusual vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, genital sores, or abdominal discomfort. Early testing is crucial for prompt treatment and prevention.

STD Symptoms in Men

In men, symptoms of STDs can manifest as pain during urination, discharge from the penis, genital sores, or discomfort. If you experience any of these symptoms, seeking urgent care STD testing is advisable.
Online Lab Testing

Are STDs Curable?

Many STDs are curable with prompt treatment. However, some, like HIV, are manageable but not curable. Early detection through testing is key to effective treatment and better health outcomes.

What Are STD Risk Factors?

Understanding the STD risk factors is vital. They may include unprotected sexual activity, multiple sex partners, and a history of STDs. Regular testing can help manage these risks. 

STD Prevention

Preventing STDs is possible through safe sexual practices, including consistent condom use, routine STD testing, and communication with sexual partners. Our testing services are part of a proactive approach to sexual health.

At StatLab Diagnostics, we believe that knowledge is power. By offering comprehensive testing for bacterial vaginosis, Hepatitis A, and more, we empower you to take control of your sexual health.

It’s always better to know. Modern medicine can cure many common STDs, and we can help you manage others.

Providers Consultation

Speak with a provider via telehealth or in-person

Have you received positive lab results? Or maybe you want to talk about treatment options. If you have questions about the results of lab tests you ordered online, you can schedule a consultation with a licensed medical provider. We offer telehealth or in-person consultations with our experienced providers at AFC Urgent Care for just $99.

How does a provider consultation work?

Once you get your results, you can pay extra to consult a medical provider. You can do this through telehealth or in person. This provider can explain your results. They can also write prescriptions, recommend further testing, establish a treatment plan for you, and refer you if needed. Any prescriptions written for you will be called into your local pharmacy of choice. Regardless, you’re in control of the next steps you choose to take based on your provider’s recommendations.

Why should I schedule a provider consult after receiving lab test results?

Speaking with a provider is an opportunity to ensure you understand your lab results and can begin treatment quickly if needed. And since you can choose a telehealth consult, appointments can work more easily into your schedule.

Can a telehealth provider write a prescription?

Telehealth providers can prescribe medication based on your diagnosis and professional judgment. There are some exclusions. But generally, a telehealth provider can write medications like antibiotics, anti-parasitics, anti-virals, and specialty medications. If the medication you need requires an in-person consultation, you can schedule one at your closest AFC Urgent Care. They’re conveniently located around Denver.

How do I know which test I need?

“Which lab tests” is a decision you can make alone or with the help of a healthcare provider. If you’re unsure, you can schedule a provider consultation who can order the proper tests based on your symptoms, concerns, and health goals. For example, suppose you are curious about your overall health and organ function. In that case, you can order online or ask your provider about basic lab tests. These might include complete blood count (CBC), basic metabolic panel (BMP), or comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP). If you are experiencing symptoms of STDs, you can order STD testing online. If you have a urinary tract infection, you can order that test. When in doubt, you can schedule a consultation first.

What are the benefits of using telehealth?

Telehealth makes it easier for you to get healthcare. It is convenient, saves travel time, and costs less. This may allow you to stay connected with your provider more often to stay informed about changes in your health or health risks. Even if you need an in-person provider consult for diagnosis, follow-up care can often be managed through telehealth.

How do I know if I need a telehealth or in-person consultation?

Telehealth can diagnose and treat many conditions. These include things like colds, injuries, STDs, and chronic diseases. You can also get follow-up care. Telehealth providers cannot do physical exams, certain tests, or hands-on medical procedures.

How do I schedule telehealth in Denver?

StatLab Diagnostics partners with the licensed providers at AFC Urgent Care. So, when patients would like a provider consult after receiving lab results, AFC Urgent Care in Denver has many locations. Patients can schedule in-person consultations with providers.

FAQs About STD Testing at StatLab Diagnostics

  • Private and Confidential STD Testing Service
  • No provider visit required, which makes testing more affordable.
  • Our all-inclusive 10-Test Panel tests for the most common STDs.
  • Fast test results in 1-3 days. Your friendly lab technician sends your results to your online account as soon as they are available.
  • Doctor consultation and treatment available via telehealth upon positive test results.
  • All testing services are approved and managed by our lab director.

StatLab Diagnostics makes testing for STDs fast, affordable, and convenient. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Review and select the tests you want.
  2. Choose a collection center closest to you. 
  3. Pay online.
  4. Get your test requisition through your secure online account. This tells the collection center which samples to collect.
  5. Print your lab requisition form and take it to your preferred collection center.
  6. Let the technician collect the required samples.
  7. Get your results. Sample collection for STD testing usually takes 5 minutes or less, and your results will be available via text message or email in 1-3 days.
  8. (Optional) Schedule a telehealth or in-person appointment to discuss results and treatment

No, you don’t need to set an appointment for STD testing. However, you must place your order and submit your payment online or over the phone before visiting the nearest collection center. Once you have placed your order, you can visit one of our collection centers located conveniently throughout the Denver area. All collection centers are open 7-days a week.

We go well above and beyond standard industry practices to provide you with the utmost privacy and confidentiality. Your results will not be put into your permanent medical file or sent to any insurance company. We will also never release your billing information to any third parties.

Confidentiality is a top priority at StatLab Diagnostics. We follow the same privacy laws that physicians do. By law, we must abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

If you test positive for an STD, you can speak with one of our physicians via telehealth or in person for an additional fee. The physician will explain your positive STD results as well as allow you the opportunity to ask questions. If needed, the physician can prescribe you treatment and send the prescription to your local pharmacy.

It depends on the type of test you are taking. If you are taking a blood test for STDs such as HIV, syphilis, hepatitis A, B & C, or herpes, then no preparation is required before the test. If you are taking a test that requires a urine sample, like chlamydia or gonorrhea, do not urinate for at least one hour before testing. Besides that, no further preparation is needed.

After submitting your sample for STD testing, the only thing you need to do is wait 1-3 days for your test results. If your results come back positive, we can provide a doctor consultation and present you with treatment options.

You can submit a sample for your STD testing as soon as you have completed your order and have received your Lab Requisition Form or confidential test code in your email. Our lab technicians require the form or code to collect the samples needed for your STD test. The collection centers are open during regular business hours, 7-days a week. Visit the STD testing center nearest you at your convenience. We’re conveniently located inside the urgent care.

Sample collection for STDs with StatLab Diagnostics usually takes 5 minutes. When you walk into any of the centers, the technicians will ask for your Lab Requisition Form or confidential test code, which tells them what samples to collect. There is usually no wait time to get tested and no paperwork to complete.

We do not require you to bring anything to the test center other than your Lab Requisition Form or confidential test code that you will receive via email after you place your order. To complete your STD testing, your lab technician will collect blood and/or urine at the clinic. Typically, your results will be available in your secure account in 1-3 days.

FAQS About STDs (Your Questions Answered)

STD symptoms can start within days to weeks after exposure, but some infections may remain asymptomatic for months. And you could never have symptoms and still pass the disease to others.

Only diagnostic testing can confirm if you have an STD. To check for STDs it requires a small amount of blood and/or urine.

In men, symptoms of STDs can manifest as pain during urination, discharge from the penis, genital sores, or discomfort. If you experience any of these symptoms, seeking STD testing is advisable. 

Women may experience unusual vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, genital sores, or abdominal discomfort. Early testing is crucial for prompt treatment and prevention.

Depending on your income, you may qualify for free testing at the health department. However, you will need to provide proof of income and wait to see a provider before testing. It may also take a week or more to get results. At StatLab Diagnostics, we make STD testing affordable for everyone, regardless of income. We also make it easy to access testing by offering online ordering and payment.

Ordering your test online at StatLab Diagnostics and then visiting the closest lab to get samples is the fastest, most affordable, and convenient way to learn about your sexual health.  Just choose the tests you want online and pay for them online. Then, walk-in 7 days a week during our business hours. It typically takes 5-minutes or less to collect samples for testing.

StatLab Diagnostics is open 7 days a week. You can order your tests online and then walk-in to one of StatLab Diagnostics’ many convenient testing centers in the Denver area to get STD testing same day during business hours. However, test results typically take 1-2 days, so you have results fast.

You can order your tests online and then walk-in to one of StatLab Diagnostics’ many convenient testing centers in the Denver area.

StatLab Diagnostics makes testing for STDs fast, affordable, and convenient. Start your online order now.