During what’s been dubbed the Great Resignation, record numbers of employees quit their jobs. As part of re-evaluating their life, they found that their job provided a paycheck but not a purpose.

Companies with the highest retention rates, on the other hand, have a purpose-built culture.

A study by Deloitte shows the benefits of embedding a sense of purpose into the company culture. Organizations that make it clear to employees why they exist, what problems they solve, and who they want to create deeper connections with employees and customers. They tend to score higher on customer and employee satisfaction surveys, have larger market share growth, and grow three times faster than their competitors.

People want to work for companies that are focused on the greater good of society. When employees understand the role they play in solving problems and making life easier for others, they are more engaged in their work.

Embedding a purpose-built culture requires transparent and authentic communication with employees. This goes beyond the words that are said. The purpose must be part of the fundamental beliefs of the company and present in the actions they take.

In other words, you can’t fake it.

Communicate Your Purpose

Each employee should understand their role and how it fits into the company’s greater goals. Leaders need to articulate the importance of what they are doing consistently. Connecting specific actions to goals helps provide that sense of purpose.

So much of business today is customer-centric. We know the importance of providing quality products or services to meet our customer’s needs. However, it’s your employees that will deliver on customer expectations. You need to invest in them to provide truly exceptional customer service.

At Urgent Care Solutions, we all work together for a common goal, which is to make high-quality healthcare affordable and convenient. Whether team members are on the front lines with patients or working behind the scenes, this purpose pushes all of us to do our best for this important mission.

For other companies, they tailor their mission to showcase a greater purpose. Here are a few examples:

Purpose-built gives employees a purpose that goes beyond manufacturing soap, chocolate bars, or serving coffee.

Purpose Drives Productivity, Engagement, and Loyalty

When that purpose is embedded in the culture, and your employees embrace it, good things happen. Employees are more productive, more engaged, and more loyal. No doubt you’ve seen those lists of Great Places to Work before. In one recent report, 85% of the employees working at companies making the Fortune 100 Great Place to Work said their work had a special meaning that went beyond just a job.

Before you can deliver exceptional service, you first must inspire your employees. Make sure you define your brand’s purpose, communicate it clearly and consistently, and get your employees vested in success.